Don’t stress; let Tomara clean the mess

Published August 2012: Tomara Cleans is a professional cleaning service for homes and offices. Maybe you think all you need to know about a cleaning service is their fee and their phone number. Wrong. Tomara Evans, owner of Tomara Cleans, is striving to take the cleaning service business to a new level.

“We provide a quality personalized service, which includes various services and different levels of cleaning, including basic cleans, deep cleans, custom cleaning and organization, move in/move out service and cleaning, plus much more,” said Evans.

Tomara Evans, owner of Tomara Cleans, guarantees all work done by her employees. All employees have to pass a background check and drug test.

Some of the things their basic cleaning includes are: dusting all furniture, sweeping and mopping hard floors, vacuuming carpets, thorough cleaning of bathrooms, changing bed linens; and in the kitchen: thorough cleaning of countertops, cleaning inside of microwave and outside of all appliances, running and unloading dishwasher, cleaning sink and stove top, and emptying all trash cans.

The deep cleaning starts with all the basic cleaning items and adds just about everything else in the house from ceiling to floor, including the cleaning of: light fixture covers, inside and underneath the refrigerator, fronts and backs of all doors, underneath stove knobs and burners, walls, louvered doors and sliding glass doors including the door track, mini-blinds, closet shelves, door frames, and moving and cleaning under area rugs. Whew!

These are partial listings for both the basic and deep cleaning regimens. For complete details of the cleaning that is done, visit the Tomara Cleans website www.tomaracleans.com; select “Forms” from the top menu and then click on either the Basic Residential or the Deep Clean Residential to see the checklists used by employees when cleaning houses.

However, the lists are just a starting point, because Evans sits down with new customers to discuss their cleaning budget, what they do and do not want done, any allergies or special situations and so forth. The cleaning regimen is then customized to fit each person’s situation.

Evans dispatches teams of two to six people depending on the size and nature of the job so they are not on the premises all day. She accompanies the cleaning crew on the first couple cleaning visits to make sure everything is done to the new customer’s satisfaction.

Tomara Cleans furnishes all of the cleansers, cleaning cloths, vacuum cleaners and everything else needed to clean a house, and they use all-natural cleansers.

If closets or kitchen cabinets need to be cleaned out and organized, the Tomara Cleans staff can take care of that. They also will clean out attics, organize a whole house when a family moves in, and clean and pressure wash outdoor kitchens and pavilions.

All jobs have a 24-hour guarantee; if the customer is not satisfied, the house is re-cleaned for free.

“My company is known for its personalized services that are competitive in pricing and tailored to fit the needs of each client,” Evans said. “We have serviced Livingston Parish, Baton Rouge and the surrounding area for the last five years, and we have established and maintained an untarnished reputation. When a Baton Rouge home was chosen for the November 2011 cover of Better Homes and Gardens magazine, Tomara Cleans was tapped to put the house in perfect condition.”

Tomara Cleans is licensed and insured. Prospective employees go through extensive background checks and must pass a drug test. The staff receives four hours of training each month.

“Utilizing a professional cleaning service allows you to break away from the chore of keeping your home or business clean while providing you with the peace of mind of knowing your place is in good hands,” stated Evans.

Tomara Cleans is a locally owned and operated company with offices in Denham Springs. Contact Evans at 225-287-4761, or click on the “Get a Quote” button on the website.

Evans said, “My clients have told me they love the personalized service they get from us, and we plan to keep giving them what they want.”