Success is all in the numbers

Smart Marketing with Tish Pierce

Public response to digital media has shown the undeniable truth: the Internet is reaching and expanding in every business arena. Savvy business owners recognize the value of such reach and reciprocal response.

Now that the hurdle of value has be cleared, many businesses want to know “how do I get my website higher in the search engine results.” Trying to get your site higher in the rankings is a good growth strategy for any business. Unfortunately, the hard and fast answer is, you can’t; there is no magic powder to sprinkle for higher ranking. However, there are a handful of tips than can enhance the search results. If you are unable or unwilling to do it yourself, hire a professional or get a friend to vet your business site for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) elements.

See Where You Are. You can’t tell where the site needs to go until you see where it currently ranks. Use a variety of search terms and search engines. Log your results. There are also free sites that will monitor your page rank such as Alexa and the Google tool bar.

Keywords are key for a reason – Google and other search engine send search engine “spiders” based on the query supplied. The spiders search keywords, page headers, title tags and meta tags. A judicious use of search friendly terms will help grow your site ranking.

Keep it fresh.  Many times, a business will throw good money into a website, then just let it whither and die. For a site to remain relevant to search engines, it must have updated, useful information. And don’t forget the value of keywords when updating your content.

Social Media Distribution. I can’t emphasize enough how crucial social media is to today’s business. Think back to your basic biology class; remember how the teacher’s hair needed a new style? Now remember how quickly a virus mutates. One cell touched another cell and within a matter of seconds an entire organism was reached. It is the same with social media. Distribute your fresh links, share, recommend, re-tweet and watch it grow.

Don’t go Spock on the URL. Use terms that are user-friendly and easy to understand. The human and cyber world will respond accordingly. It’s a lot easier to know what www.welikedogs.com is about than www.wld.com.

Flash isn’t so flashy. In the simplest terms, search engines receive no beneficial data from Flash. If you just have to have the flashy Flash, be sure to have text above and below. The same rule applies to any image file and some PDFs. Search engines need the hypertext to read. A web site consisting of nothing but images will never be read or ranked.

Link, don’t think. There is no search engine alive that can resist gathering site link information. Link back to yourself, link to referral sites, just link. There is also cumulative value in linking to your archived pages. The more relevant words point to a page, the more likely that page is to show in results wherein queries with those terms apply. In other words, if your business is “Pig Tails”, your site should have those words appearing in text as often as possible. NOTE: as a matter of courtesy, always ask for permission before linking to sites.

Here’s wishing you the best ranking possible!

Tish Pierce, Pierce Creative Marketing Service (www.piercecms.com). Member of the Livingston Parish Chamber since 2006. Tish can be reached at 225.284.8231, or email info@piercecms.com