Curb appeal in late 2012

Real Estate with Lawson Covington

This is a topic I write about periodically because of its critical importance. We are still in a sales market where your home on the market for sale will be competing severely with other properties. Curb appeal is your first line of attack !

Sellers who spend their time and effort making their homes market ready will reap much greater dividends than the homeowner who sticks a sign in the yard and calls it a day. Prepping your home for the market is critical and can be the crucial difference in extra weeks or months on the market and thousands in your pocket.

It’s very similar to selling a car. If you want to sell your SUV, you’re not going to leave it dirty and stick it at the end of the street with a sign in the window. You’re going to get it cleaned from top to bottom inside and out; you want it to shine when people come to see it.

Similarly, you should approach selling your home much like selling your SUV. Only instead of trying to make a few hundred extra on the car, we’re talking thousands when it comes to your home. It needs to shine inside and out when potential buyers come to view it. These buyers are shopping, looking and comparing one home to another, and yours must stand out.

We’ve all heard you have just one chance to make a good first impression, and that’s even more important in real estate today than ever before. The first impression your home gives a buyer when they drive by slowly, is what we call CURB APPEAL. If your home has great curb appeal the battle is more than half over. If your home doesn’t have that curb appeal, and you haven’t taken the time to develop that aspect, your home is going to be devalued greatly. Even the buyers who do make it in the front door are going to be on edge due to that first impression.

Spruce up the landscaping, edge driveways, have the house pressure washed, trim bushes, pick up any loose debris around the house. Anything that will add curb appeal will benefit you tremendously. Landscaping is one of the biggest assets when it comes to curb appeal. Statistics show that a home with outstanding landscaping will bring 5% more than a home with average landscaping and 7% more than one whose landscaping is in a bit of disarray. So you can see if you spend a little money on that $150,000 home, it could mean $7,000 to $8,000 more in your pocket just from curb appeal.

We are in a good real estate market here in the last quarter of 2012, but the market is competitive. Your home must be prepared to compete.

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