Lessons about hurricane-force marketing strategy

Smart Marketing with Tish Pierce

Isaac has left a mighty mark on Louisiana. As we recover, rebuild and get things back up to full speed, is there anything a business can apply to marketing? Yes. No doubt terminology from this and previous hurricane season is foremost in our vocabulary. Businesses can take this opportunity to apply hurricane terms to marketing.

Tropical Storm: Have your marketing constantly brewing. At all times, have some form of marketing in action. Signage, business cards and/or brochures should be in stock and readily available.

Preparedness: be on constant surveillance of not only your market but what your competitors are doing. If you spot a fluctuation, act immediately. The most fruitful preparation is a result of on the spot knowledge and demand.

Tightly formed eye: When you’re ready with a specific goal, marshal all aspects of marketing. Utilize research, planning, public relations, pricing, customer support, sales strategy and community involvement in a consistent, predetermined method. Stay on target with your goal. Tightened marketing plans coupled with consistent methodology will have a positive result.

Hurricane speed: If your business is ready for a full force marketing effort, ramp it up to full speed. Distribute your budget in a manner that will allow for a concentrated effort at specific times of year. As your quarterly or annual marketing period approaches, use that budge to its maximum. Strengthen your position with well-placed exposure.

Projected path: Know where your marketing plan is going. If you’ve got a bunch of bananas to sell, it’s easier to project a path – those bananas must be sold before they become mush. With undated goods and services, sometimes a business can be lax about feeling an urgency. Regardless of the product, every business must foresee a destination point.

Watch: After implementing the various aspects of your marketing plan, closely examine results. Pay close attention to what your customers and employees are saying. Whichever advertising medium is receiving the biggest chunk of your marketing budget should also be returning the investment via new and renewed customers.

Evacuation: After watching the performance of different types of advertising media be prepared to pull out of low or none performers. Businesses must be focused on the return for advertising dollars spent. There are too many varieties of advertising methods to throw away money on one that doesn’t achieve desired results.

Bigger, stronger, faster: Get the most for your marketing dollar. Bigger: if you’re unsure of specific customer demographics, use marketing that will reach the largest segment of the population. Stronger: you know your customer, you know their habits, so use methods that will reach your specific target demographic. Faster: reach those customers in a timely manner; one of the fastest is to actually reach your customer before they come looking for you.

Landfall: Line up your goal, plan, method and slam onto shore with awesome power. With determination and perseverance, you should be able to leave your competition sweating in the dark.

Tish Pierce, Pierce Creative Marketing Service (www.piercecms.com). Member of the Livingston Parish Chamber since 2006. Tish can be reached at 225.284.8231, or email info@piercecms.com