Graphic communication takes marketing to next level

Smart Marketing with Tish Pierce

I’ve been in Germany for a few days now; I came to be with my younger brother who was having back surgery. The village we’re in is about 30 minutes north of Berlin, Berkinwerder. The surgery has been a success and we’re now in the recovery phase.

As I’ve navigated the area shops and markets, the one most glaring marketing deficit has been a lack of graphic communication. When the words on packages and menus are completely foreign, the pictorial description really becomes important. For example, airport security required me to throw away my face lotion. My first day here I immediately went shopping for more.

Three stores later, I purchased what I thought was face lotion. Before paying, I even pantomimed putting the lotion on my face. The clerk was nodding vigorously as I asked “lotion?” Back at the hotel, I quickly discovered that what I thought was a tube of face lotion was some kind of extremely sticky cleansing lotion.

So many of our mistakes here would have been averted had there been simple graphic information. As well as text on a product, there should be either a photograph or linear graphic that clearly conveys what that product is – and don’t even get me started on ordering a meal in the German restaurants.

As a small business owner, so many times we rely on text for marketing messages. When purchasing print advertising, due to price and size restrictions, it’s sometimes easier to rely on text only. And while the text certainly conveys the message intended, a graphic inclusion just takes marketing to the next level.

Graphic communication is also critical in the social media marketing arena. A recent Facebook study shows posts with images outrank other posts in retainability and sharing. Known as “Facebook candy,” this is the type of content users get very excited about and want to share with all of their friends. Thus, higher ranking and more news feed visibility.

As we approach the holiday season, take a moment to review your business marketing. Do you have graphic representations clearly visible along with text in the marketing material? If not, now is a great time to make marketing communication that utilizes graphics a priority and start incorporating them into every aspect of your business marketing.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

Tish Pierce, Pierce Creative Marketing Service (www.piercecms.com) Member of the Livingston Parish Chamber since 2006. Tish can be reached at 225.284.8231 or email info@piercecms.com.