Cheap iPhone repairs

Published February 2013: The name of this new business just about says it all: Cheap iPhone Repairs. Owner Charles Edwards recognized a need for that type business and filled it. And since he opened his doors in Denham Springs January 15, customers have been filling his shop, happy that they don’t have to go to Baton Rouge for iPhone service anymore.

The store is at 2626 S. Range Ave., Suite 800, in the strip mall across from the Highland Inn, near the Bass Pro complex.

Charles Edwards (center) with wife Myra, infant son Ethan, and son Jed at the the Livingston Parish Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting February 1, 2013.

The truth be told, though, the business name doesn’t quite say it all, because Cheap iPhone Repairs offers much more than just phone repairs.

Cheap iPhone replaces screens and repairs other problems for all iPhones, iPads, iPods, and all other mobile devices – and they do it quickly. Many screens can be replaced on the spot in about 30 minutes or less.

Entrepreneur advice

Charles Edwards, owner of Cheap iPhone Repairs has this advice for new small business owners: “Do your homework and learn everything you can so that you understand the industry you’re getting into. Research your location, too. I spent a couple weeks watching traffic at different places and chose my location based on the huge amount of traffic on Range and going to Bass Pro and Sam’s. Write out a business plan so you know where you want to go, and be sure to factor in all the costs for permits, modifications and other start-up costs. But even with the best plan, you’re going to have ups and downs, and success isn’t coming to come overnight. So hang in there through whatever adversities you face, and don’t listen to people saying you can’t do it.”
“If your smart phone or any type of smart device has a cracked screen or needs other servicing, this is the place to go,” said Edwards. “No repairs are too small or too large. All of our iPhone and iPad repairs, other than screens, come with a lifetime warranty. We specialize in screen repair and offer the best deals in town with prices starting as low as $40 on some iPhones and $80 on some iPads.

“We also do games console repairs, and everybody loves our game rental membership. Members pay $25 a month and can check out games at no charge (one game checked out at a time) and keep it as long as they want. We carry the top games for Wii U, Xbox and Play Station. Members also get 10 percent off any game system repairs or accessories.”

Baton Rouge is actually where his business started. Edwards, a National Guard Iraq War veteran, was working as a computer programmer when he started noticing the handwriting on the wall.

“I could see that the technology industry was going towards mobile devices. iPads today have become so popular for personal computing that some businesses are converting their businesses over to iPads and other tablets. I started researching and learning all I could about mobile phones, even in my down time when I was in Iraq,” Edwards revealed. “When I got back to the States, I started working for a company doing iPhone repairs. I saved my money and eventually opened my own shop in Baton Rouge. (The Baton Rouge store is at 10782 North Harrell Ferry, Suite D, Baton Rouge, in the Reeves Shopping Center.)

“It was a struggle, with a lot of ups and downs the first few months, but I was able to save enough to open this second location in Denham Springs several months later. It was absolutely the right move, because we’ve been busy since day one.

“Our specialists know how crazy people are about their electronic devices – phones, tablets, games – so we get them repaired and back to you as quickly as we can. If you’re having trouble with any of your devices, stop by the shop and let us diagnose and fix it for you.”