Go chill with Nom Nom Yogurt

When you feel like you have to have something smooth and sweet, take a trip to Nom Nom Frozen Yogurt in the strip mall next to Bass Pro Shops.

This is a self-serve frozen yogurt shop where fulfilling your craving couldn’t be any simpler. You just grab a cup, swirl your yogurt, sprinkle toppings, then weigh and pay. Customers pay 45 cents per ounce for the total weight of everything in the cup. Waffle cups are available upon request.

So, first thing, get your cup, then choose the flavor of your frozen yogurt. Nom Nom has 10 different flavors available each day that are selected from about a dozen flavors that rotate in an out at various intervals. The daily flavors might be Oreo, red velvet cake, coffee, pecan praline, milk chocolate, cake batter, country vanilla, peanut butter, strawberry,  strawberry lemonade sorbet, orange burst, blueberry acai tart, pomegranate raspberry tart, original tart or one of two new flavors, New York cheesecake or coffee with no sugar added. The flavors are paired in a dual dispenser so that a blend of the two can be selected. With five dual dispensers holding the ten flavors, that effectively adds five additional blended flavors – such as strawberry/New York cheesecake, blueberry acai tart/original tart, orange burst/country vanilla, red velvet cake/coffee, etc.

Once you’ve dispensed your yogurt, move on to the toppings bar where dozens of toppings await. Choose from several candy toppings such as M&Ms and Butterfinger, and Gummi bears and Reese’s pieces. For even more variety, look to marshmallows and coconut Healthier options include walnuts, granola, sunflower seeds, sugar free chocolate, almonds and peanuts.  Strawberry Lemonade Sorbet
Blueberry Acai Tart
Original Tartand sugar free caramel sauce, waffle pieces, plus fresh fruit such as strawberries, pineapple, kiwi, cherries, blueberries and grapes.

Top it all off, if desired, with honey, white chocolate or condensed milk, or regular or sugar-free varieties of chocolate and caramel syrup.

Bring your custom concoction to the register, weigh it and pay it and you’re ready to eat and enjoy.


Nom Nom Yogurt, 240 Range 12 Blvd, Suite 102, Denham Springs; 225-243-6707; www.nomnomyogurt.com; emailinfo@nomnomyogurt.com; facebook: Nom Nom Yogurt. Store hours: Mon-Thur. 12 noon -9:30 p.m.; Fri – Sat: 12 noon-10:30 p.m.; Sun: 12:00 noon-9:30 p.m.

The Nom Nom Frozen Yogurt shop is not a franchise; it’s owned by local residents husband and wife team Thuy and Phuong Nguyen.

“We wanted to have a shop where we could give people a sweet treat. We thought about smoothies, but decided on a yogurt shop because it was something Denham Springs didn’t have; a previous frozen yogurt shop in this location had gone out of business.”

The name of the shop was actually unwittingly contributed by their two-and-a-half-year-old son who made the sounds “nom nom” one day while eating something he really liked. A “light bulb” came on, and the chore of finding a name for the business was done.

Phuong and Thuy Nguyen show a sample of a yogurt serving (inset also) with three flavors of yogurt, fruits and nuts in a waffle cup. Behind them are the dual dispensers that allow customer to chose a blend of two flavors.

The shop has been open about two months, and the couple have plans to gradually introduce more menu items such as coffees, Asian teas, and smoothies, and as soon as it warms up a little more, snowballs and shaved ice.

“We post specials, giveaways and new flavors on our facebook page, and we’ll announce new items when they’re added, so be sure to check our page frequently.

Thuy Nguyen gives this advice to potential entrepreneurs

“I recommend doing a lot of research into different types of businesses and, in the end, choose one that will make you happy. I used to wait tables and, most recently, worked in an office handling customer service. From those two jobs I knew I liked meeting and serving people. We’ve been through a lot of trials and errors, but I have no regrets that I gave up an office job to have the freedom of running our own business and seeing people all day. There’s a letter on our facebook page that a child wrote us telling us how much they enjoyed coming to our shop; things like that are what make all the hard work worthwhile.”