Top Marketing Trends for 2013

Smart Marketing with Tish Pierce

It was just few years ago that a small business could rely on a solid email marketing strategy combined with print and/or radio and be secure in their marketing coverage.

     Things have certainly changed since then. With social media, marketing has become a whole new ballgame. Throw in ecommerce or search engine optimization and it is easy to see where most small businesses are getting lost in the translation.
     To keep up with the pack, 2013 brings several trends from the marketing experts. Here are a few of the trends to help your business web presence as well as help generate new customers.
     The first trend is Mobile Marketing. Walk into any crowd and you won’t have to look far to see someone interacting with their mobile device. 2012 is notable for a decline in traditional desk top search as consumers turned toward mobile devices. Make sure your business is mobile friendly and web purchases are easily accomplished. If your budget doesn’t allow for a complete digital overhaul, at least have a presence on no cost social media such as Facebook or Twitter which are already mobile-friendly.
     Email Marketing is bigger than ever. Make sure your business has a client or customer database. Then use that database intelligently. Reach out and touch your clients in a timely manner. Don’t over do it though – no one wants to wear out a valuable email contact. Content and timing are key components to success. And, as noted in the paragraph above, make sure your email campaigns are mobile-friendly.
     Content is king. It doesn’t matter whether your business buys the flashiest advertising medium in town. It’s all for nothing if the content is less than top quality. Stand out from the rest of the world by providing the content that your customers are looking for. If you don’t know, then ask. A quick poll of your top twenty clients will provide extremely valuable content.
      I’ve talked about this before but can’t stress it enough: social media is red hot. Analytics are proving that Facebook is driving more traffic than any other source. Crafting the best social media strategy involves use of key words that engage your target market. Be smart, savvy and above all, engage your social media audience. Social media is a two-way street.
     Several businesses make the mistake of creating a social media presence and only publishing content that doesn’t engage their market. Enter into a conversation, create posts that are of interest – and trust me – daily posts of business hours is not interesting. For example, give a behind the scenes look at what it takes to make your product or highlight an employees off work hobby.
     If your business isn’t using social media, it is losing the potential of an entirely new social audience. There is no doubt social media works so make it a priority today.
     By the time we complete 2013, who knows what the ever expanding digital media world will bring to small business marketing. One thing is for sure, if today’s small business doesn’t keep up, it will definitely get left behind.
Tish Pierce, Pierce Creative Marketing Service (www.piercecms.com) Member of the Livingston Parish Chamber since 2006. Tish can be reached at 225.284.8231 or email info@piercecms.com