Use a little common sense in your marketing

Smart Marketing with Tish Pierce

A couple weeks ago I received a call from a company needing marketing assistance. In going over their recent marketing endeavors, I was shocked to learn they had spent ten thousand dollars for a “search engine optimization” of their web site. Ten thousand dollars…that’s a lot of money.

Within the same week, a client who has a very segmented market expressed interest in a mobile web app. Once we looked at the traffic numbers on their web site, the dollar outlay for an app just didn’t make sense.

It’s one thing to be on top of your business marketing, it’s another to throw money away. There are literally thousands of metrics available to measure online marketing costs. And at least that many ways again to save money. Take a close look before budgeting marketing dollars toward cyberspace marketing.

Commonly, small business owners register a domain and purchase hosting for their web sites using the lowest price bidder for these services. Unfortunately the ease of domain and hosting does not make every web designer a great marketer. Thinking your sister’s nephew, who builds beautiful web sites, is going to also build that web site for maximum marketing potential is a fatal error. While it’s possible that such a person could build the web site and be knowledgeable of search engine optimization, the odds are slim that the tasks will be completed on a professional scale. In other words, don’t hire an expert house painter to repair your dishwasher.

Using healthy search engine optimal tools are usually not high on most web designers’ priority lists. For example, a business can have the most beautiful web site in the world. Unfortunately, if that site is built completely using only Flash, it will never be seen by iPhone users. And we are seeing this error happen more and more often.

Here are some quick tips on practical marketing:

How much per person – the big boys (banks, casinos, etc.) factor in the marketing cost of reaching one client. Shouldn’t your business do the same? Know how much of what you spend on marketing will bring one new client in the door.

Do what you need to do to be seen – don’t hide from potential clients. It is very frustrating to see businesses lose potential clients who simply don’t know they are there. Network at every chance, market to the hilt and spend advertising dollars wisely.

Be persistent – don’t spend money on a web site or mobile web app and then leave it to wither. Keep your content fresh and current.

Take advantage of digital media – but don’t jump on every band wagon that comes along. Weigh your options judiciously. Only put money where it is going to bring results.

Here’s to great marketing!

Tish Pierce, Pierce Creative Marketing Service (www.piercecms.com) Member of the Livingston Parish Chamber since 2006. Tish can be reached at 225.284.8231 or email info@piercecms.com