Any size, type business can benefit from cohesive marketing plan

Tish Pierce worked for 15 years in the newspaper business in graphic design and content management, the last 10 of which were for WBRZ-TV and The Advocate newspaper in Baton Rouge.  She saw many businesses running ads without an organized plan – which often were ineffective. She recognized a real need for smaller businesses to have access to affordable marketing assistance to help them develop a successful marketing plan.

“I started thinking about how I could help such businesses,” Pierce explained. “My work has always been more satisfying when I am challenged and engaged with the task at hand, so in 2006 I resigned my position and started Pierce Creative Marketing Service.”

Tish Pierce, owner of Pierce Creative Marketing Service, uses sophisticated marketing analysis programs to keep a close eye on the results of all clients' marketing plans.

Tish Pierce, owner of Pierce Creative Marketing Service, uses sophisticated marketing analysis programs to keep a close eye on the results of all clients’ marketing plans.

Pierce Creative Marketing Service offers a full range of marketing services to meet any need of any type or size business. The company creates advertisements for digital and print media and selects media placements based on the best exposure and best value for the client’s dollar. They consult with clients to establish an affordable and effective marketing budget with them. They give discounted pricing to foundations and charities because Pierce “likes to help those who help others.”

“Everyone in my entire large extended family is all small business owners,” said Pierce.” I grew up with constant conversations that revolved around small businesses. When I speak with a client, they should know I’ve got a lifetime of experience! My recommendations are based on long-term experience and education in the marketing arena.”

Her company’s strategic implementation includes the creation of print materials such as brochures, posters, business cards and other print pieces to ensure they are cohesive and effective, and they then oversee the production of all pieces.

Every campaign uses consistently branded marketing material to create advertising continuity and product awareness. They monitor web analytics and provide a monthly statistics report on advertising expenses. Approved creative and technical projects are monitored to assure they are completed within agreed budgets and time frames.


Details: Pierce Creative Marketing Service;; 225-284-8231.
Pierce’s strategic direction of a business’ marketing communications is an essential part of the marketing package. Clients have their social media exposure through Facebook, Twitter and other media crafted and closely monitored, as well as their email, e-newsletters and databases.

“The advent of Facebook, Twitter and other social media has changed the marketing landscape drastically,” Pierce stated. “Word of mouth marketing has continually increased via these platforms. And because the method of reaching consumers has shifted from interruption to inbound, consumers have much more power over determining what they see. People don’t wait to randomly get information on TV or in print; they seek out the things they are interested in online via computers, and increasingly, smart phones.

Pierce CMS purposely maintains a small, select list of clients in order to give the best service possible.

“We are very hands on when it comes to improving each client’s experience with our business,” Pierce said. “We pride ourselves in providing our clients with expert service delivered in a timely, friendly fashion. There are no long wait periods for problem solving or marketing solutions. We are service oriented, and every client is able to reach us 24/7.

“I enjoy getting to know our clients and working with different types of businesses – our work is never boring! Many of our clients are long-term. Due to the length and strength of our business relationship, many clients become wonderful friends. We enjoy helping each client achieve their business goals and have success.”