The perfect marketing mix for success

Smart Marketing with Tish Pierce

Smart Marketing with Tish Pierce

Business owners often ask “what is the best avenue of marketing my business?” The answer isn’t always so easy. There are many methods of marketing and more options than ever before with social and digital media. So what types of marketing have the most impact? Here are a few tried and true marketing methods.

Having a press release published is a great way to successfully publicize your business. The first and foremost consideration in successful press release writing is to make sure it’s newsworthy. No one is going to pay attention, much less publish, a news release that sounds like a thinly veiled advertisement. Always read your press release from a news organizations point of view. If it sounds completely under whelming, chances are it will never see the light of day.

Once the subject of the press release has been established, follow the proper format before sending it out. The elements of a news release (in descending order) include: business name, address, contact name, phone number, email address, date of release, headline and the body or text.

Email marketing remains the leader of marketing tools. With a newsletter or consistent email blasts that drive viewers to your well-crafted website, businesses can keep their name in front of prospects and make that sale.  Make sure your business has a client or customer database. Then use that database intelligently to reach out and touch your clients in a timely manner. Don’t overdo it though – no one wants to wear out a valuable email contact. Content and timing are key components to success. And make sure your email campaigns are mobile-friendly.

Another wonderful marketing tool is great referrals. By giving earth-shattering customer service, your business will be assured of great reviews and referrals. Giving away a few goodies is also a great way to earn lifelong customers and clients. The stories and good feelings generated by stellar customer service will last a lifetime.

The main goal of marketing is to let people know your business exists and get them knocking on your door. Use the press release, email data base, referrals to exhaustion and insure that your business name and services are known.

And don’t forget in-house mining for data. Your current customers and clients are a powerful source for marketing tips and ideas. Tune in to what your clients are saying. If they are not saying what you need to hear, then ask! Pick up the phone or pass out a questionnaire. Whatever it takes to get that feedback is invaluable.

Here’s to a Happy New Marketing New Year: may you have success connecting with customers and clients. And may each successful connection lead to another!

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