Don’t forget to thank your customers

Smart Marketing with Tish Pierce

Smart Marketing with Tish Pierce

Every business is, in one form or another, in the customer service industry. We should continually show customers our gratitude. After all, without customers, where would your business be? The Thanksgiving season is a perfect time to show customer appreciation.

How often do you stop and take the time to show appreciation for your customers? If you’re like most businesses owners, years may go by without taking the time to properly thank them for their loyalty and existence. Today is the day to put an appreciation plan into action.

Thanking your customers doesn’t have to be a budget-busting extravagant affair. A simple gesture such as a hand-signed note will amply convey the sentiment. Your note should be specific and personal. If personalization is too time consuming, consider writing fewer notes at a sitting and schedule time for more sittings..

Help educate your clients. Most humans have a natural desire to learn. Capitalize on this by having events where you teach customers (and future customers) about your service or goods. Make your product interesting to others and they will not only appreciate your business, they will spread the word.

Setting aside a special customer appreciation day or week is another great way to thank your customers. Some businesses offer percentage discounts toward products. Service oriented businesses may offer special pricing.

If you can’t devote an entire day or week towards customer appreciation, try wowing just one customer. By giving one customer an over-the-top experience, your business is sure to be mentioned in a great story. If that clients experience is successfully creative, that story will be retold for days and weeks to come.

Give some quality time to your clients. There’s no greater gift than yourself. Schedule a lunch with your client, then sit and listen. This is not only valuable for customer relations, it is an opportunity for learning about your business. In a relaxed, conversational atmosphere, you may learn things about your product or service that need to improve.

The foundation of any customer appreciation program is data. If you haven’t already, begin gathering customer information immediately. Basic data such as name, age and address shouldn’t be too difficult to obtain. Once the data is there, use it! Send cards, email or even singing telegrams – just be sure your customers know you care about them and are glad they do business with you.

The smallest gesture of appreciation will better than none. Occasionally put out plates of pastries, free samples or even small novelty items. Small promotional novelties, such as bag clips, pens, pads, etc., can mean the difference in customer retention and loyalty.

In the spirit of this topic, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the people of Livingston Parish. Your great comments and recommendations have allowed Pierce Creative Marketing Service continued success. We are so glad to be a part of Livingston Parish’s business growth and development. Sincerely, we wouldn’t be where we are today without each and every one of our great clients.

Tish Pierce, Pierce Creative Marketing Service ( Member of the Livingston Parish Chamber since 2006. Tish can be reached at 225-284-8231 or email