But who will hire me at my age?

Career Minded with Carol Pierce

Career Minded with Carol Pierce

Have you become so frustrated in your present job that you realize it’s past time to switch to a more rewarding one where you will be fully valued and appreciated and will have the opportunity to get paid to do what you really enjoy?

Are you thinking more and more about making a career transition but are truly concerned about who will hire you because of your age? Have you reached the point where you’re ready to accept almost any job just to get out of the one bringing you more and more unhappiness with each passing day?

Perhaps it’s time you do what I encourage clients to do who turn to me for help because they’re in the exact spot you seem to be…quit allowing fear to get in your way …quit feeling desperate … refuse to settle for less than you deserve … focus instead on the wealth of golden eggs you bring to a potential employer.

Today’s business world is realizing more and more the value mature employees like you bring to their organization. You have a strong work ethic. You aren’t afraid to work hard. You actually show up for work and show up on your first day ready to hit the ground running, especially if you’re hired to do work you truly enjoy.

On top of that, you’re an eager learner willing to learn new skills that will allow you to do an even better job. In addition, you remain loyal to that organization which treats you with the respect you deserve and allows you the opportunity to provide input that helps that organization grow in an even wiser, more profitable manner.

So quit looking at all the negatives. Focus on the positives instead. Give yourself time to think about your deepest passions and what you so love doing that other people keep complimenting you for being so good at doing. Pay attention to their comments. They’re helping you to see the direction you’re now meant to take so you can be paid to do what you so love doing.

Once you’ve determined that career path, do even more research. Find out which companies provide the environment you need to thrive and have job openings in which you’re interested and for which you’re fully qualified.

More importantly, learn if those companies hire someone your age with your expertise. You may be surprised to discover how thrilled they are that you’re willing to consider working for them instead of their competitor or anyone else because they fully recognize all you have to offer. Oftentimes, those companies are more than willing to negotiate a win/win situation that will leave all of you walking away happy.

If such a job doesn’t exist, be bold enough to approach open-minded organizations who recognize the benefits of what you have to offer. They may be more than willing to create that critical position that will help them become even more successful and will help you thrive even more than you ever thought possible.

When you’re no longer willing to settle and have identified the type job you really want and the type company for which you’d really like to work, hire someone to update your resume or to create a professional looking one that will highlight the wealth of experience and expertise you bring to the table.

Then you will have a powerful resume that will represent you well and cause that potential employer not to want to let you get away, regardless of your age!

Carol Pierce is a success coach, a motivational speaker, and the author of Jump Now. She creates professional resumes, coaches people on how to conduct a more successful job search and teaches businesses, organizations, and individuals how to be more successful achieving whatever they really want. To contact Carol, call 225-474-4923 or visit www.jumpnow.com.