It’s a new game

Smart Marketing with Tish Pierce

Smart Marketing with Tish Pierce

I know nearly nothing about soccer. Recently I had the pleasure of watching my talented niece, Keagan, play in her school’s first ever soccer game. After watching the field intently – and with a few words of advice from my nephews, Dalen and Noah – I began to understand the goal of the game.

What first appeared to be a dizzying array of kids running about chasing a ball, soon began to make sense as I figured out the team separation, the team goal and, most importantly, the borders of the field!

For older, established businesses, today’s digital market place may seem to be just as confusing as my first experience with soccer. By focusing on one player within the digital marketing field, a business is able to learn more about the entire strategy of digital marketing.

The foundation of learning this new game is by defining the term “digital marketing” . Per, “Digital marketing is a broad term that refers to various and different promotional techniques deployed to reach customers via digital technologies. Digital marketing is embodied by an extensive selection of service, product and brand marketing tactics, which mainly use the Internet as a core promotional medium, in addition to mobile and traditional TV and radio. Digital marketing is also known as Internet marketing, but their actual processes differ, as digital marketing is considered more targeted, measurable and interactive.”

So (the field of) digital marketing means using the Internet as the basis to reach potential clients – with or without the addition of traditional media such as print, radio or TV.

Without question the biggest arena for digital marketing is Facebook. There are over 1,440,000,000 Facebook users as of the publication date of this column. On an average day, 48% percent of all Facebook users who log on in and use the site.

What is Facebook? It is a social networking website where users create their own “profile” (account). The user profile “friends,” or connects with, other people via a request. Once connected to friends, users post (write) comments, share photos, recipes, send messages, etc. Originally created for college students, the website has become a social media phenomena.

Setting up your first Facebook profile is somewhat equivalent to walking into a soccer stadium for the first time. There will be a few unfamiliar lines on the field itself and some terms will be tossed about that sound completely foreign. But take heart, after a short while, the difference in surroundings and terminology will soon make sense.

After creating their first Facebook profile, most business managers easily make the leap to using the social networking site as a tool for marketing. But while it is the biggest, Facebook is definitely not the only method of social media and digital marketing. Instagram, SnapChat and Twitter are just a few of the other popular sites available.

If this article has spurred an interest in digital marketing, take the next step and learn more about this new game – and watch your business grow.

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