City of Denham Springs begins private property debris removal program

City of Denham Springs begins private property debris removal program for homeowners
Mayor Gerard Landry announced the launch of the city’s expanded curbside debris removal program, known as the Private Property Debris Removal (PPDR) program, effective Sept. 21, 2016, which was developed in coordination with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), which authorizes the city to collect disaster-related debris from residential properties impacted by the recent flooding.

Through this program, city debris removal teams are now be able to enter residential property to collect flood debris, provided the debris is placed within approximately 30 feet from the public right-of-way and the City has received a signed Right of Entry (ROE) agreement from the homeowner. Previously, debris could be picked up only if within reach of equipment operating on the roadway or right-of-way. Note, that city crews are able to collect debris only from residential properties located inside the City of Denham Springs city limits.
In order to qualify, homeowners must:
1) Meet with a City PPDR coordinator at the location below to provide proof of homeownership and complete a ROE form; OR
2) Submit a completed ROE form with evidence of proof of homeownership, such as a copy of a valid Louisiana ID or driver license matching the name of the owner and address of the property applying for the PPDR program.
Renters/HOA Members/Mobile Home Parks: If you are a renter, HOA member or live in a private community, please contact the landlord, HOA President or landowner and request they complete a Right of Entry (ROE) form for the property in need of debris removal.
Property Owners: If you own your property and are not a part of a homeowner’s association (HOA) or private community, please follow the instructions below in order to participate in extended curbside collection.
APPLY IN PERSON: Residents can apply in person at the PPDR Application Center located at 116 North Range Avenue, Denham Springs, (previously Capital One Bank). The entrance and parking are located at the corner of East Railroad Avenue and North Hummel Street. Applications will be accepted 8 am to 5:30pm, Monday–Friday and 8 am-noon on Saturday, unless otherwise posted.
APPLY ONLINE: Residents can download the ROE form online at Once completed, residents must email with an email subject that reads “Name – Address” (i.e., “John Doe – 123 Main Street”) and with the following attachments:
1. Completed and signed ROE Form (property address, name, and all applicable insurance fields must be completed).
2. Copy of valid Louisiana ID/drive license matching the property address.
For more information about the PPDR program, please contact