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Once the Loss Has Been Reported: Adjustment and Follow Up
• An adjustor will help calculate the value of flood damage and prepare a repair estimate.
• Clients should keep insurance agents advised if their contact information changes. If you move or will not be reached easily provide the name of a designated relative or point of contact who can reach you at all times.
• Follow up with your agent if an adjustor has not been assigned to you within several days.
• Contact your insurance agent or adjustor concerning coverage prior to signing an agreement/contract with a cleaning, remediation, or maintenance contractor.

Information on claims payment is in your policy. Call Integrity agents with any questions.
Your claim is payable after:
•You and the insurer agree on the amount of damages.
•The insurer receives your complete, accurate and signed Proof of Loss in support of your claim.

Any check for building property must include your mortgage company name, or the name of the individual holding your mortgage. A check for Personal Property will usually be in your name only.

The Completed Claim
Once you receive final payment for your building and/or personal property, the claims process is complete.
Please remember: Any claim settlement you make in the event of a flood will be determined by the amount of coverage you have and the deductibles you have chosen. If you are concerned that your coverage is not high enough, or that your deductibles are too high, your agent or company representative can counsel you about increasing coverage and/or decreasing deductibles.

Flood Insurance Claims:
How to Appeal or Request Additional Funds
Louisiana National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) policyholders may always appeal insurance claim decisions or request additional funds.
Write down and keep the names, titles and contact information of all the insurance representatives who communicate with you after reporting your loss. You may need to contact them if you want to appeal or request more money.

How to Request Additional Funds
· You may request additional flood insurance payments if you discover more damage to your property or contents after you made your claim and submitted the Proof of Loss.
Promptly notify your insurance adjuster, agent or company that you need to request an additional payment.
· Your insurance company will provide you with another suggested Proof of Loss.
· Sign and submit the new Proof of Loss form to your insurance company within 120 days after the severe storm and flood damage occurred on your property.