Business owners see God’s hand at work in their lives

“I had not been familiar with the term “God winks” before, but I have definitely had experiences that make me believe that God is watching over us. In the last few years I have had a lot of setbacks, and wondered how I would be able to support myself and my children.
I had always been told I should tithe in church, but I was on such a tight budget I didn’t see how I could afford to. But I decided I would go ahead and tithe, and before long, some friends helped me buy property that made a huge difference in my finances and my life.
Then when we started our business, we wondered if Ashley and I would get enough clients to make a profit, and we prayed about it and continued to tithe, and we went from an enrollment of 29 children in one week to 55 the next week. We have a lot of single parents who bring their children to us, and we try to help them out when we can, and every time we do something for one of them, someone else does something to help us. I believe now that everything happens for a reason, and that God sends people into our lives for a purpose.”

Ashley Brashear
“My parents divorced when I was young, and my father moved out of state and was not in my life while I was growing up. After the flood, my father came to see what he could do to help, and he stayed every day, cleaning up, helping get contractors, overseeing everything, and doing anything we needed. We grew close and formed a relationship over the last six months.
He still comes to the daycare to visit, and not a day goes by without us talking on the phone, even if it’s just to say ‘hello, how’s your day’ and ‘I love you.’ The flood was tragic, but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise for me.”

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