Locally-owned Jeffco A/C & Heat goes the extra mile

“What would you do if your air conditioner broke down, it’s a weekend and the weather report is forecasting a scorcher?” asked Lisa Michel, of Jeffco A/C & Heat. “If you’re one of our regular customers or have an emergency and you call us, you’ll get prompt attention – and you won’t be charged extra for afterhours or weekend service calls.”
Jeffco A/C & Heat, based in Livingston, is locally owned and operated by Jeffrey and Lisa Michel. Jeffrey and their two sons Jeff and Justin handle the service work, while Lisa has 30 years’ experience scheduling service calls, giving estimates to customers, ordering parts and “keeping us all in line,” laughed Jeff.

Jeffrey and Lisa Michel have been breeding small Beagle pets including “pocket sizes” since 1985, and also breed some very nice Labradors. Jeffrey has judged for AKC and noted he sees many of the better bred dogs coming from Maine, Nova Scotia, Britain and Canada.

Jeffrey and Lisa Michel have been breeding small Beagle pets including “pocket sizes” since 1985, and also breed some very nice Labradors. Jeffrey has judged for AKC and noted he sees many of the better bred dogs coming from Maine, Nova Scotia, Britain and Canada.

Jeff, originally from Garyville, started his own A/C business in 1985 in Houma, but he actually started learning A/C repair when he was young and working with his father. After Jeffrey came out the Marine Corps in 1982, he went to S.L.V.T.I. and received his degree in Climate Controls.
“As a kid, I came to Livingston Parish with my Dad every year to buy deer dogs to hunt the Garyville Swamp,” said Jeffrey. “I dreamed of moving to Livingston because I found the people here to be very Godly and respectful. After we married, Lisa and I moved to Livingston, in the heart of God’s country, with our sons. We have been attending Bethany World Prayer Center since 2000, and now attend the Livingston branch services at the Walker High School gym.”
Both sons are now young men working in the family business.
“Younger son Justin is the best I’ve seen at troubleshooting problems,” Jeffrey stated. “People are surprised when he shows up at their house because he looks so young, but by the time he leaves they are totally impressed by his ability to handle any job in a very short time. Customers now call and ask for Justin when they have any kind of A/C outages.
“Our oldest son Jeff worked offshore and other jobs before coming back to the A/C and heating industry. His talent shines best when it comes to installation and customer communication. He is knowledgeable on many subjects and has been complimented as being wise beyond his years and for being very polite. They are brothers but also best friends and make a great team.”jeffco
“We have built our family business on being fair and honest with our customers,” he continued. “Since we are a home-based family business, Lisa is always reachable almost anytime, day or night. About the only time we take off is Sunday mornings to go to church, but in this part of the country, air conditioning is often vital for some people, so when the temperatures really heat up, we will go out for an emergency.”
Because of their dedication, Jeffrey and Lisa have developed relationships where many of their customers consider them to be like family. Lisa said, “We recently finished a job in Springfield with a longtime customer of 17 years, and while Jeff was there, a neighbor walked over and asked how much we charge for Freon and service. When Jeff told him $40 per pound for Freon and $75 for a service call, the neighbor said he just paid someone $80 per pound and more than that for service, and his bill was $1,000. We hear this all the time, and we felt like we need to let people know what our rates are.”
Another customer told Lisa the first time she called them was for a free estimate on system replacement because she was told by her previous A/C company that she needed to replace everything. But instead of replacing her system, Jeff was able to pinpoint and fix the problem. She became a regular customer, and it was ten years later before they needed to replace her system.
Jeffrey, Justin and Jeff work on a unit.

Jeffrey, Justin and Jeff work on a unit.

That type situation occurs often because they believe in using a systematic approach to troubleshooting repair which will usually solve even the trickiest problems.
People confess all the time that they don’t think to have their A/C serviced until it goes out, but this can be prevented. Homeowners should get an annual tune-up of their A/C system before the extreme heat of summer arrives. Having your A/C tuned up every spring will add longevity to your existing system and it really trims your electric bill.
Jeff cautions that even though your air conditioner is operating, it may not be operating correctly. Air conditioners will usually eventually break down due to various reasons such as poor lubrication, leaking, age, dust, or even faulty installation or improper operation.
When temperatures soar and AC systems malfunction, Jeffco A/C & Heat is on call and ready to solve your problems.
Call for service immediately if you notice any of these signs: it takes longer for your system to cool a specific area; you notice periods of unusual warmth while your unit/system is operating; when the unit cycles on, lights flicker or it makes unusual noises, if you get a higher than normal utility bill.
“Give us a call, and we’ll do a complete check of your system, and if there is any problem, we’ll work to fix it as quickly as possible,” said Lisa. “On even the hottest summer days, we can restore comfort to your home, usually within a few hours, and you will not have to drain your wallet to do so. We offer fast, affordable air conditioning repairs around the clock.”


Jeffco A/C & Heat, 225-305-3833 or 985-345-9045. Facebook: JeffcoA/C&HeatLLC; Website: Jeffcoair.com; email: jeffcoair@gmail.com
“Lisa is an excellent sales and purchasing agent,” Jeffrey shared. “With her 30-plus years’ experience, she is able to give customers prices on repairs and in some situations can even tell homeowners things to try to fix their problems themselves, sometimes saving a service call altogether.”
Jeffco gives a one year warranty on parts they change out, plus one year labor. All repairs are performed in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications, which means the homeowner’s warranty remains valid after they perform any necessary air repairs.
Aside from creating a comfortable environment, a properly operating air conditioning system can also improve indoor air quality and is important for individuals sensitive to the heat. Many efficient air systems include filters which help reduce pollens and allergens from your inside air. It is important to keep your air conditioning system running effectively to maintain healthy air quality.
Call Jeffco when you need a complete new air conditioning system for a home that you are building – or rebuilding – or if you want to replace your old system with a more efficient one, an action which can cut your electric bill in half. A 10-year warranty is given with system replacements must register online.
Jeffco Heating & Air Conditioning is standing by to provide any needed air conditioning services. “Give us a call so you can enjoy your summer despite the heat and humidity,” said Jeff.
Jeffco’s simple A/C tips could save you $$$$$ 1. Having your A/C system serviced and maintained is an important factor in the system’s longevity of that system. A well-maintained air conditioner will fail less frequently and use less power. Be sure to have your A/C system serviced at least once a year, and in high dust areas, more frequently. 2. Have your refrigerant checked and your condensing coils cleaned regularly, because low refrigerant and extreme dirty coils are the chief causes of parts failure. 3. Signs that A/C is low on refrigerant: if you feel low airflow coming from registers; if you see ice building up on copper lines; when the house takes longer than normal to cool off; or if it makes unusual sounds. But don’t add Freon unless it has been checked and you know it needs it. Time and time again we hear of people having a friend put Freon in and end up over charging the unit, causing damage to the compressor. 4. Having a start/assist kit properly installed is a MUST if you hook up your A/C to a generator during hurricane season. If your unit is over 5 years old, or is causing your lights to dim, you may also need a start/assist kit (and your electrical wiring should be checked). 5. Replace an old thermostat with a new one. The new digital thermostats come with an internal time-delay relay which will protect it during surges, and they have a 1-year warranty. With every condensing unit Jeffco replaces, they add a time-delay relay and a start assist kit, and if your compressor burned out, they add a suction dryer to clean any acid backed up into the lines. 6. Change your A/C filter every month, and make sure it fits tightly in the filter frame. If the filter doesn’t fit tightly, secure it with foam tape (found at hardware stores) to the inside of the frame to assure a snug fit and prevent dust and dirt from bypassing the filter. Even if the filter packaging says, “Good for 90 days, or 6 months…” – not true. A good way to remember to change the filter is to do it when you pay your electricity bill. 7. Get your A/C unit serviced now, before the summer scorchers begin and your system breaks down.