Troubling Times Are Upon Us

Looking Forward with President Ricks

Looking Forward with President Ricks

As I sit here in my office on a beautiful, early Sunday morning, I am amazed at what I continue to hear regarding the unrest throughout the world. Everywhere you go or turn to it’s evident through the media outlets that we are fast moving into a very dangerous climate.

I pray for peace throughout the world as I’m sure you do. With all the unrest in the Middle East and the potential threat from North Korea, I can’t help but believe we are watching Revelation unfold before our very eyes.

I am also thinking about the total unrest throughout our country and our state. I believe with certainty that we are watching good versus evil in not only a very real way but, more importantly, a very spiritual way.

I think about the men and women who put on a uniform every day. What must they be thinking when they hear or see protesters and others who want to do harm to them even as they try to protect them and protect their very right to protest? It must be unsettling, to say the least.

These men and women are sworn to uphold law and order and yet they themselves are under fire in many instances, actually too many instances. Many have paid the ultimate price for our safety. Thank you to each and every one who puts their lives on the line daily for all of us.

I agree that we all have the right to peacefully assemble in protest, but none of us has the right to destroy property and, more importantly, lives while protesting. I fully support our law enforcement personnel. I believe scripture is very clear in that regard.

I am aware that not everyone should wear a uniform. However, if we obey the law, we should never be confronted. I am confident that the actions and motives of those individuals will eventually lead to their removal.

I pray for protection of all law enforcement personnel and for all who peacefully protest.

I am very aware of the many wonderful blessings God has bestowed on us all both individually and as a parish. Livingston Parish continues to rebuild and, at the same time, grow and prosper in the face of what we have been through. The hand of God is on us. The question is will we put ourselves in a position to listen to Him for guidance? Will we be willing to respond to the call when we are called?

I believe we will, and I think we do. He is a mighty God that in spite of floods and tornadoes has brought us together and helped us unite into an even stronger parish. Yes, we will face struggles with growth, but He will provide a way for us to grow and prosper as a parish. I know we will always look to Him for guidance and if we seek His will He will provide.

I pray for all and I pray for us as a parish that we will remain the warm and friendly people who welcome others into our parish and that the love we have for God will spread and, hopefully, bring out the good in all.

May God bless you all.

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