New Triton fitness program enhances physical performance by enhancing range of motion, strength and flexibility

By Helen Turner

 MEASUREMENTS ARE TAKEN. The program starts with taking range-of-motion measurements of your entire body in the stretching state.

MEASUREMENTS ARE TAKEN. The program starts with taking range-of-motion measurements of your entire body in the stretching state.

Whether you are an athlete, moderately active, have physical deficiencies, or are recovering from an injury or surgery, Triton Healthcare in Den- ham Springs has a new program that can help you improve your physical status through enhancing your range of motion, muscle strength and flexibility.
Range of motion is the distance and direction a joint can move while flexing and extending. Each joint (hip, knee, ankle, foot, joints of the feet, joints of the toe, shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand and finger joints) has different ranges of motion for each type of movement it can perform.
“This program starts with taking range-of-motion measurements of your entire body,” Triton physical therapist Cheryl Jeane said. “A special software program will then analyze and identify any asymmetry (imbalance) in your body which could present physical challenges, and then create a custom program for you to improve or eliminate that asymmetry.
“We can use this program even on some- one experiencing pain, but we work on the source of their pain first and then work on their asymmetry. For an athlete who has asymmetry and tightness, eliminating the asymmetry and improving their range of motion would allow them to play their game better. At the other extreme, an elderly person experiencing trouble walking could improve their balance and help avoid falls. People recovering from stroke, an injury or surgery could advance their recovery.”
For people who work out, play golf or other weekend sports or work in their yards, this program could help avoid aches, pain and injuries. Repetitive motions such as those made in golf, baseball, tennis, etc., often cause problems. Power lifters and those participating in extreme sports have a huge potential for injury.
“The more mechanically balanced a person is, the better they can perform and prevent injury. The less flexible a person is, the more likely they are to experience problems,” said Jeane. “We often see people who aren’t in shape who start working out and end up hurting them- selves and get derailed from their fitness plan,” Jeane said.
“Ideally, we would like to have people see us and get the symmetry assessment before they become more active in order to prevent injuries, and certainly they should seek care if they having recurring pain.”
Children can also have asymmetry, and children ages 10 and older can also benefit from an assessment. Athletes can go in as a team, and each will still get individual programs.
People wanting to enhance their physical performances or prevent injuries go to Triton for an initial assessment and leave with a pro- gram and instructions created specifically for them which includes exercises and stretching to continue at home. They then go back to Triton for monthly follow-up assessments for at least two months for the therapist to monitor their progress. Some people may continue to see a therapist, depending on their condition and their goals.
The initial three-month program which in- cludes the assessment visit and two monthly follow-up therapy visits is offered for $225. The two monthly therapy sessions may be in- terchanged with massage therapy.
If you want to nd out more about this program, contact Cheryl Jeane, and she will be happy to discuss it with you.
Triton provides a wide range of physical therapy, including treatment for orthopedic conditions, sports injuries and neurological disorders such as strokes. They treat chronic and acute ailments and provide post-surgery rehab. They specialize in sports medicine as well as injuries from accidents and workers compensation cases. Their services include physical, occupational and speech/language and massage therapy, all at one facility. Triton accepts Medicare and most major medical insurances and also offer a cash payment plan.

Details: Triton Healthcare, 8128 Florida Blvd, Denham Springs, LA 70726 (across from the Denham Springs/Walker library). 225-791-8666. Email: cheryjeane@yahoo.com; Facebook:Triton Healthcare.