Are you interested in changing your yellow gold to white?

All That Glitters with Stuart Salassi

All That Glitters with Stuart Salassi

Many couples are wanting to update their yellow gold to the currently popular white gold, and baby boomers are inheriting old yellow gold jewelry pieces that tend to be ‘too dated’ for many to wear. Jewelers are seeing more and more trade-ins of yellow gold to build or buy white gold or platinum for their daily wear.

However, there is a very affordable option to turn that yellow gold into the very popular white gold or platinum “look.” This is what is known as rhodium plating.

Rhodium is a very expensive and durable precious metal that has a very bright and hard finish. Many fine wedding and engagement rings are plated with this metal to give it protection and a brighter finish.

Also many silver pieces are plated to keep them from tarnishing and to protect the people who are allergic to the nickel in silver from having an allergic reaction. Rhodium plating is very affordable and can turn an old yellow gold piece of jewelry into a vibrant polished white gold look for a fraction of the price of true replacement.

Talk to your jeweler about rhodium plating some of your old gold jewelry; you may be very pleased to learn you could be sporting a new fashionable look with some of the pieces that otherwise never seem to make their way out of the jewelry box!

Stuart Salassi is owner and certified jeweler of Salassi Jewelry & Fine Gifts, 111 N. Range Ave., Denham Springs, La 70726; 225-271- 8641; email any questions to

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